On 10 April 2007, Rhodri Morgan, First Minister for the National Assembly for Wales launched Labour’s programme for government with a promise to build a better Wales.

Labour published 11 key pledges to be delivered by 2011. The 11 for ‘11 are:

1. 25,000 Apprenticeships

Labour building a workforce of the future

2. An extra Children’s Bond for all children entering school

For every child entering full-time compulsory schooling, we will provide a voucher: £50 for all children and £100 for every child in a low income family

3. Maximum 26 weeks NHS waiting times from referral to treatment

Today, virtually no one waits more than eight months for hospital treatment. The majority of patients in Wales are now waiting less than three months for treatment; eight out of 10 inpatients and nine out of ten outpatients wait less than six months

4. Pharmacy-based NHS Drop-In Centres

Making life easier for people who can’t get the time off work, providing a range of primary care services supported by pharmacists and NHS nurses without an appointment being necessary

5. 100,000 homes made energy efficient and 30,000 micro generation units

The Labour Welsh Assembly Government is committed to reducing
Wales’ ecological footprint and this will be achieved by a wide range of detailed measures impacting on the ways in which all of us lead our lives

6. New Not-for-Profit Nursing Homes

Labour’s response to the increasing demographic demand for nursing care and the recognition that the private market on its own may not always provide the secure supply that people want

7. Discounted rail travel for pensioners and 50 new train carriages

Our rail network has been much improved by the support of the Welsh Assembly Government with new train lines in the Vale of Glamorgan and the Ebbw Valley, new and improved stations and the extra investment which allows greater train frequency.

8. £20 million national fund for the youth service

This would be a commitment to provide a capital fund of £20 million over the next four years

9. 6,500 new affordable homes

Helping our youngsters to get on the property ladder

10. Tidy Towns – £16 million Clean-Up fund for Welsh cities, towns and villages

Tough new fines for littering and graffiti. We want to rid our towns of any sites of accumulated litter, ugly graffiti and dispiriting dereliction

11. Mobile Mammas – Extra support for Child Care

We will work with the DWP to jointly fund a Retention and Advancement programme in Wales. It will provide practical help to lone parents entering employment, to address those issues which cause difficulties in staying in work and building careers



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